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Message frOm the President

"As the world continues to change, the lines that divide different types of jobs, e.g. STEM jobs and business jobs, continues to blur. Therefore, it's important for everyone entering the workforce to have a good understanding of other majors and professions, have strong professional and interpersonal skills, and have an overall good understanding of how to operate within the modern economy.

AKPsi at Purdue prides itself in the fact that we are open to all majors; and that by joining, you will be surrounded by some of the smartest and most ambitious people at Purdue. Additionally, our goal is to continuously provide professional development for all of our brothers so that they are prepared to be future business leaders.

I'm very excited to have the opportunity to lead the Pi Omega chapter through the rest of the semester, and I can't wait to see everything that our chapter will accomplish!"


~ John Bensen, President 

John Bensen | President


Responsibilities: John is the executive head of the chapter. Claire oversees and manages the strategic vision of the organization; ensures that chapter officers fulfill their duties faithfully and accurately; ensures the chapter is representing the fraternity’s Vision, Core Values and Guiding Principles, and hold an open line of communication with all chapter members, faculty, and Regional Management Team.

About John: John Bensen is a senior studying Computer Engineering and is pursuing a minor in Economics. He is originally from Long Island, NY, but his family has recently moved to Plano, Texas. He rushed AKPsi for the opportunity to grow professionally and learn more about the business world. After college, he wants to go to law school, and hopefully pursue a career as a corporate lawyer. In his free time, he enjoys reading books, listening to podcasts, and hanging out with friends.


Computer Engineering

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Taylor Petty | Executive Vice President

Taylor Petty Headshot_edited.jpg

Responsibilities: Taylor is the Executive Vice President of the Pi Omega chapter of AKPsi. Taylor's role is to provide central support for all committee chairs, oversee the execution of all chapter-related events, coordinate the annual Principled Business Leaders Institute, as well as provide constructive advice for all areas of the chapter. 

About Taylor: Taylor is majoring in Management with a concentration in Business Analytics and a minor in Spanish for the Professions. She chose AKPsi to further her knowledge of the business world, and after college, Taylor is interested in going into the corporate law field. 


General Management

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Caroline Chen | VP of Membership


Responsibilities: At the start of each semester, the Vice President of Membership, or VPM, oversees the recruitment process. During recruitment, the VPM ensures the future of the chapter by working closely with the recruitment committee heads to plan callouts and both social and professional rush.


Throughout the semester, the VPM will work closely with pledge trainers to build and facilitate the pledge program. Over the course of the program, pledge classes will have the opportunity to explore and develop personal and professional development to become a principled business leader; The program is aimed towards building an awareness and appreciation for the history, values, and vision of Alpha Kappa Psi.

About Caroline: Caroline Chen is a senior studying Finance with a concentration in Management Information Systems and pursuing a Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. After graduation, she hopes to travel for work as a financial consultant for a software company. In her free time, she enjoys trying new cafés, hanging with friends, reading, and watching the sunset.



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Zainah Nayef | Secretary


Responsibilities: As secretary, Zainah is responsible for tracking brothers' attendance, participation,  and internal logistics throughout the semester. In addition, Zainah records chapter minutes and sends out weekly emails highlighting reminders and upcoming events. Zainah is also responsible for creating and maintaining a master calendar and points table to keep track of the chapter's events.

About Zainah: Zainah is a senior studying International Business and Marketing with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and a Certificate in Collaborative Leadership. She rushed in Fall of 2021 and has loved all of the professional and brotherhood experiences that AKPsi has given her. Outside of AKPsi, Zainah is involved in the Japan Students Association, which she is president of, an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ambassador, Women in Business, and a TA for Management and Entrepreneurship classes.  Zainah has also held multiple DEI related roles on campus, including within AKPsi she hopes to pursue a career in the International Management scope while practicing leadership because she grew up in a large city abroad and values how interconnected the world is becoming.   Her hobbies include Fashion, Cooking, Photography, and Traveling. Fun fact: she has been to over 30 countries!


International Business and Marketing

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Responsibilities: Andy is the Vice President of Finance for the Pi Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi. It is his responsibility to keep track of the fraternities financial status. This includes creating a budget, planning fundraiser events, collecting dues, paying invoices, etc. The position requires him to oversee both the Fundraising and Audit committees.

About Andy: Hi everyone! My name is Andy Wei. I am a senior studying Finance and Accounting, looking to pursue a career in corporate finance. My hobbies include investing, sports and hanging out with friends. I am a huge Tennessee Titan and Miami heat fan. Reach out to me if you want to talk about stocks!



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Andy Wei | VP of Finance


Responsibilities: As VPPD, Vilina designs events that help our brothers and pledges refine their business acumen, forging bonds between companies and our fraternity to help brothers attain employment, and understanding what are the current up-to-date professional interests of our brotherhood. 

About Vilina: Vilina Gupta is a senior majoring in General Management with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and a Concentration in Management Consulting. She pledged Fall ’20 and has since been the Fundraising Chair and Corporate Outreach Chair before becoming the Vice President of Professional Development. A determined brother and hard worker, she has held various positions in different organizations on campus as well.


General Mangement 

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Vilina Gupta | VP of Professional Development


Responsibilities: As VP of Alumni Relations, Shane will maintain communications will alumni and facilitate brother and alumni interactions for the benefit of the brotherhood and its members.

About Tanvi: Tanvi is a Senior from Mumbai, India and is majoring in Economics and Anthropology. Outside her involvement at PFSB, Tanvi is a Resident Assistant with University Residences, the Public Relations Executive chair at American Indian Foundation, and a brother at Alpha Kappa Psi. In her free time, she goes on long walks around campus, spends time with her friends and loves to cook! She spent her past summer interning with Stanley Black and Decker as a Business Analyst Intern.


Economics &


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Tanvi Inani | VP of Alumni Relations

Maren Meunier | VP of Public Relations

Responsibilities: As Vice President of Public Relations, Maren oversees the Service and Marketing committees. She maintains and develops a consistent brand for the fraternity and focuses on upholding our core value of service..

About Maren: Maren is from Greenville which is in southern Indiana. She is double majoring in Actuarial Science and Applied Statistics with a minor in Management. Maren is a senior who rushed in Spring 2020 and has held multiple roles within the fraternity. Outside of AKPsi, she likes to hike, read, and spend time with friends. After graduation, she is moving to Louisville to start her career at Humana.



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Arman Alluri | Chaplain


Responsibilities: As Chaplin, Arman is incharge of maintaining brotherhood relations within the fraternity and also sustaining engagement.

About Arman: As an international student that grew up in Singapore and served the military as a combat medic for two years, Arman's background has been nothing short of exciting and adventurous. Developing professionally and building a great network of people with similar business goals are the key factors that drove Arman to join AKPSI. As Chaplain, Arman aims to improve the brotherhood engagement within the fraternity and to support each brother to become better future leaders. Outside of AKPSI, you can find Arman at the gym, basketball court, or just hanging out with friends. If it is the NBA season, you may find him glued to the tv screen watching his favorite Philadelphia 76ers play!


Business Analytics and Information Management

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Priya Kodati | Master of Rituals


Responsibilities: In her position as Master of Rituals, Priya upholds and emphasizes the longstanding practices of AKPsi. Ranging from emphasizing the importance of rituals to brothers to keeping order during chapter meetings, Priya works to maintaining the integrity of the fraternity while strengthening the relationships between the brothers.

About Priya: Priya is originally from Edison, New Jersey and is currently studying Supply Chain, Information, and Analytics. In her free time, you can find her volunteering at various shelters and trying new foods in the local area. Priya is interested in working in consulting and implementing innovative solutions to current supply chain disruptions. In the previous summer, she worked at a Corporate Procurement Intern at Caterpillar.


Supply Chain, Information,
and Analytics

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